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January 1, 2013


Colin Clark

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"FavorART Things"

Pilot is the first episode and series premiere of Drew. It premiered January 1, 2013 as a special premiere.


Drew, Trey, and Josh talk in the hallway when Olivia and Emily budge in. Later, Drew, Trey, and Josh meet the new girl, Celine.


Major Characters

  • Drew Parker
  • Trey Thomas
  • Emily McKellar
  • Josh Samberg
  • Olivia Grace

Minor Characters

  • Celine Rosera


  • The Hallway


  • This is the first episode ever of Drew. It premiered on a Tuesday in order to premiere on New Year's Day.


Scene 1: The Hallway

  • Drew: *walks into hall* Another boring day of school.
  • Trey: Tell me about it. This morning in homeroom, I had to finish my History homework. BLEH.
  • Josh: Why didn’t you do that last night?
  • Trey: It’s History. Wait, why did I do it in the first place?
  • Drew: …Yeah. That’s new for you.
  • Trey: Might as well get credit once this week.


  • Josh: Oh my god. Here comes Olivia.
  • Drew: And Emily.
  • Trey: Should I make my move on Olivia?
  • Josh: Dude, I got this.
  • Drew: Guys. You will both fail miserably. Don’t even try.
  • Olivia: *walks up* Hey Drew.
  • Drew: Hey Olivia. Emily.
  • Emily: Hey guys.
  • Olivia: Listen Drew. Could you do me a favor?
  • Drew: Well, actually--
  • Olivia: Pfft. You don’t get a choice, silly! Here *hands paper*
  • Drew: You have to draw a tree?
  • Olivia: No. YOU, have to draw a tree for ME.
  • Emily: I could do it Olivia.
  • Olivia: Drew can do it better.
  • Josh: Well, you don’t know that.
  • Trey: Buuuuuut, probably.
  • Olivia: Stop talking you two.
  • Josh and Trey: *gives stare*
  • Drew: So why am I drawing a tree for YOUR grade?
  • Olivia: Because we’re friends.
  • Drew: Since when?
  • Olivia: Oh, just do it! I need to brush up on my fillage.
  • Drew: …You mean foliage?
  • Olivia: …Riiiight. Yeah, so have it ready for Wednesday. Thanks!
  • Emily: Bye!
  • Olivia: Yeah, bye. *walks off*
  • Josh: *stares* She is so hot.
  • Trey: I know right.
  • Drew: Yeah, but you guys act like she is a goddess.
  • Josh: She is!
  • Drew: She is a hot teenage girl. And I hate that I have a crush her.
  • Trey: Whatever bro.
  • Celine: *walks into hall and up to Drew* Um, hi.
  • Drew: *confused* Hey. Um, are you new?
  • Celine: Yeah. I’m Celine.
  • Drew: Drew.
  • Trey: I’m Trey.
  • Josh: Josh.
  • Celine: Well, hi! I was wondering where the office is?
  • Drew: Oh, *gestures* go down those stairs and make a right. It will be right in front of you.
  • Celine: Great! Thanks… Drew.
  • Drew: *jokingly* No problem… Celine.
  • Celine: *smiles* Bye.

  • Trey: Dude. You like her.
  • Drew: What?
  • Josh: The way you flirted.
  • Drew: I told her how to get to the office. Anyway, I like Olivia. I just don’t like her as much as you two nerds.
  • Trey: Hey, she’s a goddess.
  • Drew: Okay, whatever you say. *group walks off*