New Year's Dance
Drew episode 103





First Aired

January 12, 2013


Colin Clark

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New Year's Dance is the third episode of the first Season of Drew. It premiered January 12, 2013.


Drew and Emily arrive at the dance where they run instantly into Celine and Sandy, much to Drew's annoyance. Olivia struggles to enjoy the night with Mason because of his stupidity. Meanwhile, Trey and Josh try to find single girls in order to dance with. At the end of the dance, Celine accidentally injures Olivia and Drew wishes her good luck on Olivia's everlasting revenge.


Major Characters

  • Drew Parker
  • Celine Rosera
  • Trey Thomas
  • Emily McKellar
  • Josh Samberg
  • Olivia Grace

Minor Characters

  • Mason Menderson
  • Sandy Burglehorn


  • Gymnasium (Transferred Into Dance)
  • The Hallway


Scene 1: Gymnasium (Transferred Into Dance)

  • Olivia: Mason, can you get us punch?
  • Mason: You want someone to punch us?!
  • Olivia: ...Punch, as in the drink!
  • Mason: Oh yeah. Sure! <<walks off>>

... <<Drew and Emily arriving>>

  • Drew: Wow, they really went all out this time!
  • Emily: Yeah, they actually hung the balloons up this year!
  • Drew: Yeah, scattering balloons on the floor was NOT the PTO’s best move.
  • Emily: No...
  • Celine: <<walks in>> Hey guys!
  • Drew: Hey Celine! Wow, you look-- great.
  • Emily: Yeah, I love your shoes.
  • Celine: Thanks <<smiles>>.
  • Sandy: Hey Drew!!!
  • Drew: Oh, no. <<turns around>> Hey, Sandy.
  • Sandy: So, do you have a date? <<nudges with elbow>>
  • Emily: Yeah, Sandy. He’s taken tonight.
  • Celine: Hi, Sandy. I’m Celine.
  • Sandy: Look. I don’t need two girls fighting over my man with me, so stay away from Drew.
  • Drew: I’m not your “man” Sandy.
  • Sandy: Not yet. <<winks and walks off>>
  • Drew: ...Ew.


  • Trey: Okay Josh. Let’s go around the wall and find the alone chicks. They’re desperate.
  • Josh: Desperate enough for us?
  • Trey: Let’s hope... oh. Here’s a lonely girl!
  • Josh: Worth a shot.
  • Girl: Hi, can I help you two?
  • Trey: I’m Trey, and this is my friend Josh.
  • Josh: Hey.
  • Girl: Hi.
  • Trey: So, do you wanna dan--
  • Big Football Player Guy: <<walks over>> What are you doing with my girlfriend?
  • Josh: Um...
  • Trey: Have a fun night you two.
  • Trey and Josh: <<run off>>


  • Mason: I got the punch Olivia!
  • Olivia: Mason, why did you bring the whole punch bowl?!
  • Mason: You said you wanted it.
  • Olivia: ...Just a cup!
  • Mason: Ohhhhhh... Where do I get cups?
  • Olivia: Back where the punch was.
  • Mason: Where was that?
  • Olivia: I don’t know! You’re the one that got it!
  • Mason: Fine. I guess I’ll go find it myself. <<walks off>>
  • Olivia: ...What? <<facepalm>>

Scene 2: The Hallway

  • Drew: Well, tonight was fun!
  • Emily: Yeah. I had a great time. Thanks Drew. *hugs*
  • Celine: Yeah, I had a blast.
  • Drew: Great *smiles*.
  • Trey: Hey man.
  • Josh: How was your night?
  • Drew: Good.


  • Celine: Ah! Bee! *jumps back*
  • Josh: Celine, watch out!
  • Olivia: *walks up behind Celine* OW! *grabs foot* You stepped on my foot!
  • Celine: Oh my god. I’m so sorry Olivia.
  • Mason: Can I make it feel better?
  • Olivia: Not really!
  • Celine: Is your foot okay?
  • Olivia: Whatever! *walks off*
  • Mason: I should go too. *walks off*
  • Drew: Mason? Olivia went the other way.
  • Mason: Haha oops. Thanks. *walks other way*
  • Olivia: *distantly* EMILY!!!
  • Emily: Oh no. Bye guys.
  • Celine: Bye.
  • Drew: See ya tomorrow.


  • Trey: ...Wow. You’re toast Celine.
  • Celine: I feel terrible.
  • Josh: Oh, you’re gonna feel worse once Olivia gets her everlasting revenge on you.
  • Celine: Everlasting revenge???
  • Drew: ...Good luck.